Customizer WooCommerce Pages

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Customize WooCommerce Pages:

Appearance -> Customize -> WooCommerce

Select WooCommerce Tab in the menu to start customizing WooCommerce Pages

Here you can customize WooCommerce:

  • Store notice
  • Product catalog
  • Product page
  • Product images
  • Checkout
  • Cart

hi gutengeek woocommerce customization

1. Enable/Disable Shop Notice

Enable/disable store notice and notice top

If enabled, this text will be shown site-wide. You can use it to show events or promotions to visitors.

2. Customize Product Catalog Page

  • Layout: Choose layout for shop: No sidebar, right sidebar with columns, left sidebar with columns.
  • Shop page display: show product, show category, show product + category
  • Category display: Show products, show subcategories, show subcategories & products
  • Default product sorting: Set how should product be sorted in the catalog by default.
  • Product per row: The number of products are shown per row.
  • Rows per page: The number of product rows are shown per page.

3. Product page Customize 

With WooCommerce, you can set a customize for product page as Layout, Sticky Add To Cart, Product Images, Upsells Products & Related Products.

4. Customize Product Catalog Images

Customize the ratio of product images that will be displayed in the product catalog. 

5. Customize Checkout Page

You can customize the checkout page with:

  • Company name field
  • Address line 2 field
  • Phone field
  • Privacy policy page
  • Terms and conditions page
  • Privacy policy
  • Terms and conditions
  • Enable/disable sticky header

6. Customize Cart page

You can customize the cart page in Hi Gutengeek Gutenberg Blocks Template:

  • Enable/disable sticky sidebar
  • Cross-sells: Enable/disable cross-sell, number of cross-sells products columns
  • Enable/disable dots
  • Enable/disable Nav

This is the end of tutorial “How to Customize WooCommerce Page in Hi Gutengeek Gutenberg Blocks Template”. Hope that helps well.