How is the Free Package?

Currently, with our Free Package, you can get use of all our features of GutenGeek. Get full features to build a page & post easily. Download Gutengeek Plugin

How can I download GutenGeek?

Go directly on or Directly go to to start downloading gutengeek package. It's 100% Free.

Can I use the FREE version to create my website?

Yeap, currently, Gutengeek is completed FREE. You can use Free Gutengeek with all the support of blocks without any extra money. Download GutenGeek.

Can I use Gutengeek to create websites for my clients?

Of course, you can use our Gutengeek Free Gutenberg WordPress Builder to create for your client’s website projects. Hence, please make sure that this Gutenberg WordPress plugin doesn’t allow reselling plugins for Ecommerce.

Is GutenGeek Block compatible with any WordPress themes and plugins?

Yes, GutenGeek is fully compatible with any WordPress Theme or plugin. It works as a block builder plugin in WordPress. You can create your site with GutenGeek and use our library for your creation. If you get any conflicts or bugs, please feel...

How Can We Get Support on Gutengeek ?

Simple & Fast to get our support as soon as you get the bugs via Email [email protected] We are willing to support Free when you are in trouble with plugin bugs, conflict-related our demo. This support is not available for customization...